Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You don’t see me…You see my Glamour

It’s been almost approx. 5 days I am riding a Glamour bike, well it’s a stylish bike! Ya the one which I was riding was of an ancient model may be of 2006 or something not very sure! It took almost 2 days for me to understand why I need to pull accelerator while doing kick start!! Oh! Ya.. It does not have a self-start but it`s an awesome bike… Sometime it is very rightly said Old is Gold and in case of bike if we maintain it correctly with timely servicing and everything then yes it would be awesome!!!

As a not very experience person in riding bike… something I noticed is that after a long ride I didn't come to know in which gear was I riding the bike whether it is 2nd , 3rd or 4th. Although I have used 4th gear very rarely but I wish there was an indicator nearby speedometer stating the gear in which I was riding the bike! I hope Motorcycle Company starts adding this feature inside the upcoming models!! Pardon me if it sounds foolish!!!

Now let’s start comparing what’s there in the Old Glamour and the new Glamour (Programmed Fi):

  1. Speedometer & Fuel Indicator: In old it is analogue and in new Fuel Indicator is digital (Now a days almost all new bikes come with digital Speedometer & Fuel Indicator well this bike is an exception?!?!)  It is noticeable that is why I have written!!
  2. Starting mechanism: This would be secondary thing the rider would notice in earlier model there was only kick start, but the new one comes with the Kick as well as self-start.
  3. Fuel Engine: The owner of the old bike said it can hold up-to 15 litter of fuel but the new one can only hold 12 litter + 1.5 litter! God knows whether the company thought of taking off the extra fuel space! Good if they have actually increased the mileage!!
  4. Last but not the least Brakes: Rear brakes remain the same whereas the front brake has been changed to disc brakes! So be bit careful for the front brake holders!!! or you may get a roller coaster effect!!!

Ahh..!! I can gulp all sorts of changes in the bike, car etc… But not the Mars kind of roads we have in India… hope that improves!!!

That’s all for the timing folks stay tuned for the upcoming posts...Cheers!!!

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