Sunday, February 24, 2013

A day Hacking and Cracking Office 2013

A day with Office 2013! It was a wonderful experience installing Office 2013 and taking a peek at its new sky drive facility! To be honest I am using a pirated version of Office 2013!

Installation was very smooth on my Windows 8 PC. Later on I found an activator or can be said as a crack which is to be used for activating the Office 2013. My fun turned to be misery when I realized that the crack is not working for me since I installed my office 2013 in my ‘G’ drive.

Whole of a sudden it was terror for me! Now what?!?! Should I get back to my previous version of Office or should I reinstall Office 2013 in my ‘C’ drive after uninstalling some application?!?!
Now at this point my Misery turned into fun guess what I thought of writing my own Crack for Office 2013 so that I can fix it once and for all! And why not share it with other peoples too who might be having same problem.

Slowly and slowly I started to look for loop hole and the way to hack Office 2013! Later by noon time I found some ways and wrote my own first Crack application for Office 2013 and voila it’s working!!!

You can find the source code for the same below:

If you are interested in the EXE then please click here (from Rapidshare) to download the zip file and then extract it.

To use this crack you must be having KMS emulator or qemu running on your machine and then execute my crack. Everything will go fine!

This is how it should look when you run it!

Enjoy Office 2013 for free!

Sorry my post was down for some time due to Infringement Notification you know from whom! ;)

Please do not use this post for illegal purpose!