Saturday, May 18, 2013

Installing and configuring DotnetNuke 7.0

Before we begin let’s see how your IIS is configured!!

Did you look at all those check/un-check things in the IIS it should be similar, or rather I say it should be same for sound working of DotNetNuke (DNN) 7.0 well because I had a tough time finding solution for my problem, watching several videos and landed up fiddling IIS settings so I just want you people to do the same in less time, or rather I don’t want you people to make the same mistakes which I did!!

Once you are done with the IIS Part you should Install SQL Server 2008 R2 or Express and its Management studio.

I have Installed SQL Server 2008 Express and its Management Studio!! No special configuration is required for SQL Server 2008, ya but you need a user with SQL Authentication! For the timing I am using my ‘sa’ user. I don’t mind you people doing the same! But it’s not a good practice.
Once you are done with the database Installation and configuration lets jump to downloading the files for DotNetNuke which will be used for our hosting, for downloading use this link
Once you are done with your download let’s begin the installation.
1.       Go to the zip file and extract it.
2.       No go to the extracted folder (say for DotNetNuke_Community_07.00.06_Deploy) open it now you will find another folder DotNetNuke inside that now copy the content of that folder.
3.       Go to some place where you would like to place your hosting files.
4.       Make a new folder named dnn or something you prefer.
5.       Now paste all the files which you have copied into that folder.
6.       Now open your Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager using shortcut ‘inetmgr’ (go to run and type it).
7.       Now create a virtual directory inside Default web site say for dnn with Alias and specify the Physical Path (this should be pointing to the folder something like x:\Bridewin\dnn).
8.       Now right click the same and click on convert to application, Now it should look like this
9.       Once you have done that go to that folder and specify the permission for the same.
10.   You need to give 2 users permission 1. IIS_IUSRS and 2. IUSR, as shown in the screenshot if you have ever hosted and configured a web application you will find this step a bit easy. In normal cases you don’t need IUSR but for DotNetNuke we need this.
11.   Great now we have done with the hosting part.
12.   Now for database! Open your SQL Server 2008 and create a database dotnetnuke, if you are in a lazy mood please use the attached script. Click here ( to download.
13.   Once you have done with the database creation part, Open your browser and type http://localhost/dnn or whatever alias you have given.
14.   Now fill in the information as shown

15.   The username and password which you will be entering will be used as super user so make sure you remember the username and password.
16.   Enter the website name or leave it as it is! You can change it later.
17.   Template it’s better to keep as it is anyhow you can change it later on.
18.   Language will be the language which you prefer! In case if you are interested in localization you can change it to the preferred one!
19.   Now let’s go to the database part.
20.    Now as show above select custom.
21.   Select SQL Server/Express database
22.   Now in the server name key in the instance name if you have an Instance otherwise just keep the period as it is ’.’ and remove everything else.
23.   Enter dotnetnuke as Database Name.
24.   Now enter Database user name and password say for ‘sa’ as username and password ‘your password’.
25.   Now click on continue. If you did everything as I have mentioned above you will get a page with progress bar indicating the status of installation.

26.   Finally!! after reaching 100% you can view your website by clicking Visit Website.

That’s it now you can start adding/editing controls from the menu, it’s very simple Enjoy!

Wasn’t that very simple?? :P

Do mention your views, any suggestions or whatever you like to say do comment me I will surely reply back!!